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Southern hospitality in Malaysia

As the country's second-largest metropolis, it provides a diverse range of cultural and natural attractions. Legoland Malaysia, the Johor Zoo, and a variety of other tourist destinations are all within easy reach. Johor Premium Outlet, which sells name-brand goods at reduced costs, can add to your fun. Locate and reserve a car rental in the Johor Bahru area for a more pleasurable journey.

Johor Bahru favorites

Hop in the country’s second - largest metropolis, but there’s more to uncover in Johor Bahru if you’re ready to book a car in Johor Bahru and travel around.

Johor Premium Outlet

The Johor Premium Outlets are a shopper's dream, stocked full of name-brand designer products available at steep discounts. Get yourself a car rental and have fun shopping in Johor.

Johor Zoo

Indulge in a family outing in the oldest Zoo in Malaysia and get up and personal with over a hundred different species of animals. Get going and take your family to the zoo to enjoy the experience.

Istana Besar

Istana Besar is now the ceremonial center of state government. The building's impressive blend of Malay and Western architectural styles, as well as its stark white walls and striking blue roof, will leave you in shock.

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Book your car on Moovby and leave the city to explore other nearby Johor Bahru highlights, chill out at the beach, and discover small fishing towns along the Peninsular coast.

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Frequently asked questions in Johor Bahru

To list your car, you need to:

  • Download Moovby app, and sign up for an account.
  • Switch to Hosting and add new vehicle.
  • Add the car's make, model, year of make.
  • Add car exterior and interior photos.
  • Add photo of valid car insurance.
  • Add photo of valid car grant.
  • Add photo of valid road tax.
  • Your car will be verified within 24 hours.

We accept cars manufactured on or after 2010; cars manufactured prior to 2010 will be examined on a case-by-case basis. Note that all cars are subject to a stringent vetting process.

Your car listing may take up to 24 hours to be processed.

Host will get from 90% - 75% from the total revenue depends on the selected insurance package provided. Balance commission will go to Moovby for insurance coverage and to keep the platform up and running.

Consider to take photos under sunny weather.

  • Upload at least 5 photos of your car.
  • Photos must be with a landscape aspect ratio.
  • The vehicle must be in focus at all times.
  • Better to masking plate numbers.
  • When framing the subject, assume that 20% of the image on all sides will be cropped.

*Remember, the better photos you take, the higher chances your car will be rented out.

As a Host, you must ensure to capture the gas level during handover. Your guest will need to return the car with the same level before the booking start.

You are required to regularly check your vehicle for any defects in its operations or safety. You need to ensure, your vehicle will be in safe and roadworthy condition, in good mechanical condition, and in full compliance with all applicable inspection and registration requirements.

Guests will make their payments to us directly. Your payouts will be made to you on a weekly basis.